Monday, January 30, 2012

Kaleidoscope Kreator 3

I have found something very fun to play with! Kaleidoscope Kreator 3. You can take your own photos and create very interesting kaleidoscopes and print them on fabric or paper. Here are a few of my first designs showing the photo and then the kaleidoscope I created. They can be printed singly or tiled to fill the page. I have printed several out on fabric and am brainstorming on what to make with them! I do have additional copies of the software available for purchase here at Sew Much.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

See and Sew B5307

I needed/wanted a new dress to wear to my nephew's wedding this weekend, so I decided on
See & Sew's B5307.

 I made a few modifications to raise the bodice for more modesty and the back as well to ensure bra coverage. So here is what I did:

First I redrew the bodice front by adding a 5/8" seam allowance so I could partially sew up the front so it wouldn't be so low cut, and then just blended back into the original neckline. Then, on the back I raised it about 1 1/2".

When I put the bodice front together I stitched up to the notch and then clipped the seam allowance just above stitching.

I then followed the guide sheet to piece the rest of the bodice together and did the same for the lining.
Except I attached the midriff pieces separately-bodice to bodice and lining to lining. The way they show attaching the midriff lining would not work for the way I like to insert my invisible zipper.

Next, I put the side seams of the skirt together but left the back open. I find it's easier and I end up with better results if I sew up the bottom to the zipper after it's installed. I gathered up the skirt and attached it to the midriff.

Now for the invisible zipper. I like to sew in the zipper and attach the lining in one step, any shortcut that works I will find it. I put the upper zipper stop right at the seam line 5/8" from the top, most of the time when I do this there is no need for a hook and eye at the top. I then flip the lining to the outside and line up with the raw edges of the bodice sandwiching the zipper between the layers.

I then stitched this side of the zipper down to about 1" above the pull. Then to make sure my midriff and bodice seams will line up I zip up the zipper and mark at what points on the zipper these seams need to be to line up with the first side.

I unzipped the zipper and pinned to the other side of the dress matching midriff and bodice seams to the marks on the zipper and again bringing the lining to the outside and stitched it up. Voila, a nicely matched up and finished zipper.

Now all that was left to do was stitch up the skirt back from the bottom to the meet up with the zipper. The stitching will not match up exactly but will still lay nice on the outside. I then stitched the lining in place by pinning and stitching in the ditch on the outside and hemmed by binding the bottom with satin ribbon.

Now what a great party dress that is fairly quick and easy even with the modifications!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

See and Sew B5700

See and Sew B5700 Top and Dress

My completed top without drawstirng at the waist and sleeves rolled down.

I made view A the top in a about a 3hr time frame. I used a 100% cotton really meant for quilting but love the print and the quality is such that ironing is minimal they come out of the dryer ready to go. I skipped the casing and draw string, I thought it could be cute just loose, tucked in, or belted with a leather belt. I cut view A about 3" longer than the pattern since I am long waisted. So, I think the 25 1/2" finished length would have been pretty short for me, especially if I had added the draw string. I had a little trouble with the front opening band. I don't know if I marked the opening wrong on the front piece or if the pattern isn't quite right for how they tell you to put it together. The opening was too wide once I had my two front bands attached per the instructions. So, I took the right side back loose and undid the 5/8" along the long edge they tell you to turn under and just serged the edge and folded the band the width of the opening and it worked just perfect. I stitched in the ditch on both sides of the band/placket to attach back sides, I never slip stitch as instructed, I'm lazy. The neck band again I just serged the raw edge and stitched in the ditch instead of slip stitching. I also realized after making the tabs for the sleeves that the backside of the fabric would show. Why I didn't think of that before I don't know, so tabs could have been skipped since I won't roll the sleeves up. This was pretty easy to make and I plan on making the dress length to wear with leggings or boots.