Tuesday, November 22, 2011

See and Sew B5700

See and Sew B5700 Top and Dress

My completed top without drawstirng at the waist and sleeves rolled down.

I made view A the top in a about a 3hr time frame. I used a 100% cotton really meant for quilting but love the print and the quality is such that ironing is minimal they come out of the dryer ready to go. I skipped the casing and draw string, I thought it could be cute just loose, tucked in, or belted with a leather belt. I cut view A about 3" longer than the pattern since I am long waisted. So, I think the 25 1/2" finished length would have been pretty short for me, especially if I had added the draw string. I had a little trouble with the front opening band. I don't know if I marked the opening wrong on the front piece or if the pattern isn't quite right for how they tell you to put it together. The opening was too wide once I had my two front bands attached per the instructions. So, I took the right side back loose and undid the 5/8" along the long edge they tell you to turn under and just serged the edge and folded the band the width of the opening and it worked just perfect. I stitched in the ditch on both sides of the band/placket to attach back sides, I never slip stitch as instructed, I'm lazy. The neck band again I just serged the raw edge and stitched in the ditch instead of slip stitching. I also realized after making the tabs for the sleeves that the backside of the fabric would show. Why I didn't think of that before I don't know, so tabs could have been skipped since I won't roll the sleeves up. This was pretty easy to make and I plan on making the dress length to wear with leggings or boots.